iliDent AI Virtual Assistant Serving Our Patients

iliDent AI Virtual Assistant Serving Our Patients

The iliDent AI Virtual Assistant – a Cutting-Edge Communication Tool

Rapidly advancing technology opens up new dimensions in almost every area of life, including dentistry and dental communication. The iliDent AI Virtual Assistant is a revolutionary solution for communication with existing and prospective patients, applying state-of-the-art technology to dental communication. In this article, we present the significance of AI in touch and examine how it works precisely. We showcase the capabilities, advantages, and innovative services of the iliDent AI Virtual Assistant. So, let’s look at the future communication tool, iliDent AI.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a collection of computer systems and programs that can perform tasks similar to human thinking. AI systems can learn and adapt based on acquired experiences, allowing for the automation of complex tasks. An example of such a task could be a receptionist with thorough professional knowledge.

The Significance of AI in Communication

AI has brought revolutionary changes to the field of communication as well. People increasingly expect companies and service providers to respond quickly and effectively to their questions and needs without human intervention. AI can provide instant and accurate responses without human involvement, greatly enhancing the user experience. It’s available 24/7 and requires no preparation beyond a computer or smartphone, which are now commonplace in every household.

How Does AI Work in General?

AI operates based on machine learning, wherein the system utilizes the internet and inputted content to learn from data and experiences. Subsequently, AI can recognize patterns independently and adapt to new situations. AI algorithms improve and refine as they analyze data, becoming more efficient.

What Can the iliDent AI Virtual Assistant Do?

The iliDent AI is an advanced communication tool that is currently in the training phase. We provide it with a large amount of relevant data related to treatments recommended by iliDent, specifically regarding one-phase implant-based oral rehabilitation. That enables it to provide accurate answers to questions on this treatment in the future. We currently face the challenge of restraining the iliDent AI virtual assistant from responding to dental treatment questions not within our profile, such as conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, and other dental treatments.

However, the iliDent AI Virtual Assistant possesses comprehensive knowledge about one-phase implant-based oral rehabilitation. While summarized, it practically knows all the content on the iliDent website and can provide expert and accurate answers to any topic-related questions. We currently focus on conversation-like interactions, allowing for follow-up questions regarding a specific topic.

How to Use the iliDent AI Virtual Assistant Service

Using the iliDent AI Virtual Assistant is incredibly simple and convenient. It appears as a dedicated block beneath the header on every page of our website, eliminating the need to search for it. Users simply type their question into the “How can I help you?” window and press either the Enter key or the triangular “Send” button at the end of the window to send the question to the iliDent AI. Subsequently, they must wait for the response, which will appear above the question window.

If the response is unsatisfactory or unclear, users can conversationally ask further questions. In cases where the questions are unrelated to the topic, the iliDent AI Virtual Assistant will politely decline to answer or provide a vague response. We are currently training it to give answers closely related to the topic.

For example, if someone asks, “What’s the weather like today?” They can expect a response like this:
“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find information about the weather in the documents. iliDent’s services focus on dentistry, so I don’t have weather data. If you’d like to know the weather forecast, I suggest using online weather services or contacting your local meteorological service. If you have any other questions related to dental services, please feel free to ask.”

The iliDent AI is programmed to consider the questioner’s language style, responding familiarly or formally. However, mistakes can occur, so we apologize in advance if the AI uses the wrong style in its response. It currently understands three languages: Hungarian, English, and German. It always responds in the same language in which the question was formulated.

Advantages of iliDent AI

The iliDent A I Virtual Assistant offers several benefits for patients:
Availability: It’s available 24/7, providing instant responses.
Convenience: No need for inquiry phone calls or emails just to ask questions about specific topics.
Security: Users remain 100% incognito. No registration, phone numbers, or email addresses are necessary during conversations with iliDent AI.
Speed: iliDent AI responds within seconds, ensuring immediate answers. There are no time or content restrictions, and users can ask as many questions as they need.
Informative: iliDent AI possesses comprehensive knowledge of one-phase implant-based oral rehabilitation, providing accurate and reliable information.

Cost of iliDent AI Virtual Assistant Service

It is crucial for us that current and prospective patients receive accurate answers to their questions without any restrictions. Therefore, the iliDent AI service is free of charge, with no limitations on time or content. Usage does not require registration, and no other constraints are typically associated with free services.

It happens that even the most advanced AI can provide incorrect answers. Therefore, if someone feels the answer is mistaken, they can ask again or contact us through the CONTACT page, at the +36 30 508 9838 phone number, or through various messaging apps like Facebook, Chat, Messenger, WhatsApp, SmartsUpp, or Viber.


With its capabilities, convenience, and security, the iliDent AI Virtual Assistant is the first AI focusing on a specialized area of dentistry, revolutionizing dental communication. It transforms patient communication by providing fast, accurate, and easily accessible information, enhancing the communication experience. iliDent AI is the communication marvel of the future, offering numerous benefits for both the institution and the patients.


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