Alternative Immune Boosting - Take More Care of Your Health

Alternative Immune Boosting – Take More Care of Your Health

Alternative immune boosting is the most effective way to maintain health

Especially in the mainstream media, there is a lot to hear now about the importance of disinfection and vaccinations as the only and most important condition for avoiding infection or illness. At the same time, we hear almost nothing about the paramount importance of immune-boosting and especially alternative immune boosting. Yet the most important and effective defense system of the human body is its immune system! It is at least as important to emphasize that if our immune system is not functioning properly, we can easily get sick, whether there is an epidemic or not. However, one of the important conditions for a quality life is completely mental and physiological health.

In this paper, the importance of alternative immune boosting will be discussed as a gap to fill the immune system and especially to keep it in good condition. First, let’s formulate what the immune system is.

The immune system
In short, the immune system is a defense mechanism of the human body. The totality of tissues and organs that are involved in the fight against a potential antigen, for keeping the body in optimal condition. The function of this complex organ system being realized in our immune system. The main task of the immune system is to differentiate between own and foreign substances and, if necessary, to eliminate foreign substances. The human body is the most complex organic formation known today!

The function of the immune system
In very short, the most important function of our immune system is to protect the human body from external (e.g., viral) attacks and to remove internal (e.g., dead cells). It is clear from what has been said so far that keeping our immune system in good shape is of great importance for our health. Here are some ideas for this.

Ways of alternative immune boosting
The basis of our immune system is the state of the intestinal flora. If this is okay, then our immune system is also working well. So, the most important starting point is proper nutrition! The basis of a healthy diet is the consumption of natural, local, seasonal foods of plant and animal origin! Another important aspect is the unprocessed nature of the food. The more unprocessed food is, the healthier it is and the more processed it is, the more harmful it is to the body. Whoever follows these recommendations does a huge favor to their own immune system.

It is also important not to use chemicals! Continuous use of the hand and other disinfectants recommended frequently will destroy our skin’s own defense system. The skin has a two-stage defense system: the first is the so-called lipid, which is the skin’s first line of defense system is a fatty layer, also called the hydrolipid layer. The second stage is the skin’s own living ecosystem. Regular use of disinfectants weakens or could even destroy the skin’s natural defenses, which can significantly strain the immune system. Chemical-based cleaners and disinfectants enter the body not only through the skin but also through the mouth and airways.

The third most important weapon of alternative immune boosting is fasting! It may sound strange to many, but fasting is one of the greatest favors we can do for our bodies, including our immune system. In addition to immune-boosting, fasting has the following benefits:
– weight loss
– detoxification
– cell regeneration.

Alternative immune boosting is the use of essential oils, as well as the intake of high doses of vitamins C and D, the latter being strictly effective in combination with organic zinc. Furthermore, certain herbs, such as echinacea, are in concentrated form.

There are two other extremely important options in the category of alternative immune boosting are mentioned. One is regular exercise. It is unbelievable how important exercise is in keeping our immune system in good condition. It’s not about sports at all, but any kind of exercise like gymnastics, walking, running, hiking, working in the garden, in the yard, hiking, anything that involves physical exertion. The duration is a minimum of 20 minutes per day, but 40 minutes is recommended. So, It is important to exercise regularly.

Last but not least, it should be mentioned that our immune system can be greatly affected by our mental state! Fear, anxiety, hopelessness, and despair are the biggest destroyers of the immune system! As much as it is true that someone is able to heal himself, at least as capable make themselves ill with bad mental state. Keeping our mental state in good shape is essential for alternative immune boosting. How you can handle this depends on the individual’s abilities, everyone has to find the best solution to maintain a balanced mental state.

We have already referred to it in the introductory part, but we would like to reiterate the fact that the human body is a wonderful creation. It is able to protect itself from all diseases, including cancer. Unfortunately, however, environmental damage, toxic substances in the land, water, and air, are extremely overloading our defense system, which is why we get sick.

When symptoms occur, we are not concerned with strengthening our immune system, but immediately turn to a doctor, who will prescribe medication as a symptomatic treatment. Unfortunately, the drug does not eliminate the cause of the symptom, it only reduces its effect, so the condition will get worse until a serious, chronic disease can develop.

As we have seen, alternative immune boosting practices are of tremendous importance for maintaining our health. The best part about this is that they cost so much less than the drugs that most often only eliminate the symptom. The magic word is a healthy lifestyle. Think about what has been described, do your own research on the topic, the point is to do everything possible for your health.

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