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Benefits of Implants - Why Immediate Loading Implants beneficial for you?

Benefits of Implants – Why Immediate Loading Implants beneficial for you?

There are major benefits of implants you need to know

Are you aware of the hidden benefits of implants, especially of one-phase immediate dental implants? Among all the restorative procedures for hale & healthy smile, immediate loading implants are gradually gaining an edge over other procedures and proven to be very effective for replacing missing teeth with practical and aesthetically pleasing results. Since immediate dental implants combine the procedure of placing the implant at the same time of tooth extraction, it not only saves a significant amount of time but also simplifies the entire surgical procedure.

When it comes to prosthesis on implants, there are two main methods today: conventional, two-phase or immediate loading one-phase implants. There are significant differences between the two methods, even though, in essence, we are talking about artificial tooth root in both cases.

TRADITIONAL, TWO-PHASE IMPLANTS – Before the implantation occurs, a thorough dental examination is carried out to look for possible inflammation, which should always be treated before surgery, as should tooth decay.

In order to make a treatment plan, a panoramic X-ray is necessary, which can be used to find out about the quality and quantity of bone, anatomical features (position of the nasal cavity, nerve pathways, etc.). Based on the results of general oral and x-ray examinations, a treatment plan is prepared that meets the patient’s needs in all respects. Thus, two-phase implant surgery can only be performed after careful preparation.

Dental implant replacement with a two-phase implant consists of two main phases, which are divided into further phases. This fact greatly increases both time and cost. In terms of end result, the benefits of implants are almost the same as for a single-phase implant.

ONE-PHASE IMMEDIATE LOADING IMPLANTS – This is one of the leading centers that utilize tooth-root replacement with immediate loading implants. Hence, offering you full dentures, fixed on immediately loadable implants (upper and lower jaw) in just 5 days! The unique facet of our organization lies in the capability to deliver excellent dentistry. By adhering to genuine Swiss IHDE implants and implantation technology, we are committed to providing quality-oriented complete mouth restoration (for lower and upper dentures) in the midst of leading implant specialists and oral surgeons.

Some of the hidden benefits of implants, more precisely one-phase, immediate loading implants are:

  • It is less expensive than two-phase, traditional implantation.
  • It is broadly acceptable in case of significant bone deficiency.
  • It is a multi-step restorative procedure and encompasses effective pain relief.
  • Compared to the current dental implant, immediate is a gentle surgical procedure.
  • Immediate dental implants are complete oral rehabilitation (covering lower and upper dentures) for up to 5 days.
  • In the immediate dental implant procedure, the implant can be loaded immediately
  • There are no 3-6 months of bone healing time.
  • Also, immediate dental implants diminish the need for additional components.
  • The procedure offers the fastest healing time.
  • In immediate dental implants, the implantation can begin immediately right after the tooth extraction.

Today, the immediate dental implant procedure is gaining an edge over other procedures. As could see above, the hidden benefits of implants speak for themselves. To know the accurate price quotation and treatment plan via an expert consultation, do stop by at

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