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Complete Mouth Restoration - What Should I Do If I Want It?

Complete Mouth Restoration – What Should I Do If I Want It?

How is the process of complete mouth restoration going?

Complete mouth restoration is a procedure to replace missing or untreatable teeth with full dentures (for both upper and lower jaws) fixed on one-phase immediate loading implants. The procedure yields an incredible transformation and it’s a long- term solution to keep your mouth at its healthiest state.

The benefits of complete mouth restoration include improved oral health and functionality and getting rid of aesthetic flaws. In addition to all this, full mouth restoration helps to resolve several dental issues. Since the implant resembles and acts just like your natural tooth root, it gives you back your biting and chewing functionality and evidently helps you in keeping your health on track with proper nutrition.

Among all of the restorative procedures that can be used for complete mouth restoration, the one-phase, immediate loading implants is certainly a promising one, a lot better than the two-phase conventional dental implants. Though both of the restorative procedures serve the same purpose. However, there’s a major difference between implantation techniques. In a one-phase implantation procedure, an implant can be implemented straight away after the removable of untreatable teeth. Earlier, this was just not possible with two-phased implant procedures. Thus, the technique has revolutionized the implant procedure and significantly minimizes the time and cost involved, especially in case of complete mouth restoration.

The good news is that complete mouth restoration with one-phase immediate loading implants can be a solution for almost everyone! As we have emphasized in our previous writings, these types of implants can also be used for those with bone deficiency and inadequate bone density. So, beyond the fact that oral rehabilitation (lower and upper dentures) is completed in just 5 days, the great advantage of single-phase implants is that it can be used for patients with severe bone deficiency.

How’s the Process of complete mouth restoration with one-phase Implants? The usage of one-phase implants, another word immediate loading implant is a simple and straightforward process that doesn’t require bone grafting or sinus lift treatment. It is still applicable in case of significant bone deficiency and is less traumatic than the two-phase conventional one. The full mouth restoration with one-phase implants has a high success ratio and 95 % of the time the procedure is achieved within 5 days.

The process of complete mouth restoration consists of the following key steps

  • Implantation – Removable of unsuitable teeth for prosthetic care, implantation of the needed number of one-phase implants, and taking Impression for the dentures.
  • Frame Fitting – Fitting of the metal frame that carries teeth on the dentures.
  • Denture Fitting – Fitting & adjustment of the long/term temporary dentures.
  • Installation – Setting up long term temporary dentures.
  • Checkup – Testing and adjustment of dentures.

Why the patient first gets long term Temporary dentures?

In the long term, temporary denture can be fitted directly right after your teeth being removed and the implantation process is done. They are the option to help in easing your mouth into wearing a denture. The creation process of temporary dentures is the same as a permanent denture. Its sole purpose is to completely heal the gum, which usually takes 4-6 months and improve your biting impression.

The key benefits of the temporary dentures are not so hard to determine – It allows you to gain back your oral fluency, right after removing teeth and done the implantation, you get back to enjoying the food you love to eat. The only expert advice you need to mug up here is, don’t put too much pressure or strain onto your temporary dentures. Once your permanent denture is prepared, you’ll experience gentle wearing and you’ll be able to lead a life with a better smile. (The price paid for the complete mouth restoration does not include the price of the permanent denture!)

One phased implant has been a life-changing procedure for many people that performs just like your natural teeth. The treatment is less expensive than two-phased conventional implants that save you from 4-6 months of bone healing time. It is promising because of its fast healing time and insignificant surgical intervention.

There is a relatively simple answer to the question in the title, what should I do if I think complete mouth restoration may be the solution for me. The most obvious option is to seek the opinion of our own dentist, on the one hand, as to whether this is really the best solution for us, and on the other, to offer us an experienced implantologist.

The other option is research on the internet. Every oral surgeon for something has a website that is worth studying and even asking for a quote. Care should be taken to use one-phase, immediate loading implants the given oral surgeon. At present, the vast majority of implantologist use conventional two-phase implants. All that has been said in this writing applies only to one-phase, immediate loading implants.

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