Dental implant-based denture Quickly and painlessly

Dental implant-based dentures Quickly and painlessly

Learn more about dental implant-based dentures with immediate loading implants

A dental implant-based denture is an excellent method for permanently replacing all the lost teeth in one or both jaws, using immediate loading implants. This treatment is somewhat more complicated than other dental treatments since it requires comprehensive skills and precision to achieve success. The implantologist who performs dental implantation is highly trained and board-certified. Even with advanced training and education, great results pose a significant challenge.

If you are interested in this matter, you should contact us to schedule a FREE consultation where you may learn everything you need to know about complete dentures with one-phase implants and how you can have dental implant-based denture with a quick and painless procedure.

The most significant differences between the traditional two-phase implant and immediate loading one-phase implant?
What do we mean? First and foremost, what their name implies: one-phase implant implantation happens on one single occasion, while two-phase implant at two different events. The big difference is in the implants, the workflow, and the applicability of the implants. We can also simplify it by one phase – one surgery, two-phase – two surgeries.

The other big difference is the length of time the dentures are complete. While dentures on one-phase implants are ready in 5 days or less, the same denture with two-phase implants takes 3-6 months! That is a significant difference in favor of a one-phase implant method. It is also worth mentioning that single-phase implantation is a one-off and much simpler surgical procedure.

There is another remarkable difference between one-phase and two-phase implants. Complete dentures on one-phase implants are also a solution for those with significant bone deficiency. That is not possible with a two-phase implant.

What to expect from complete dentures on one-phase implants?
Advanced dental technology allows us to place complete dentures with one-phase implants quickly and painlessly. The dental implant-based denture treatment will fully restore your mouth function and comfort. With immediate loading implants, you will get your teeth completely restored in just five days. It means an easy and fast transition from no teeth or bad teeth to a natural-looking set of long-term temporary denture(s) all in one visit.

If you are still unsure if this type of teeth replacement is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will be happy to inform you in the smallest detail. Given that we work with package prices, we can offer high-quality dental implant-based denture at a very competitive price.

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