Dental implant package price is the most favorable

Dental implant package price is the most favorable

Payless for oral rehabilitation with a dental implant package price

There are two common ways to replace missing teeth: the well-known conventional crown, bridge, or prosthetist, and the other is the bridge or implant-based denture. The essence of the traditional method is that the existing healthy teeth fix the denture, for example, in the case of a bridge. The denture is glued to the gums with a prosthesis adhesive if complete tooth loss occurs. Another increasingly common solution is to fix teeth or dentures on dental implants. Even though the price of dental implants is relatively high, this type of method is increasingly the accepted standard for replacing missing teeth. There is an option to reduce your expenses: the dental implant package price.

Dental implant types
Although there are quite a few types of implants, in one thing, all dental implants are the same: they all replace the original tooth root with excellent results. Although all implants serve a similar purpose, different implant families and implant types are different. The two best-known implant families are the conventional two-phase implant, and the other one is immediate loading one-phase implant. Different implants also vary in size, shape, properties, and price.

Well-known implant types
The IHDE immediate loading Implant is a family of implants of different sizes and designs. The best available are Cortex, Alpha Bio, Nobel BioCare. There are pretty significant differences between the two implant families; you can learn more about them here. The reasons for the different prices of dental implants are not just their differences. The manufacturer’s reputation and recognition, as well as other circumstances, such as a broader, more extended warranty, may also affect it. The other price-modifying case is whether they use dental implant package price or individual pricing method.

List of one-phase and two-phase dental implants’ individual prices

One-phase Implant 130,000 HUF
Implant 130,000 HUF
Healing Screw 0 HUF
Titánium Abutment 30,000 HUF
Zirconium Crown 60,000 HUF
Implant 130,000 HUF
Healing Screw 0 HUF
Titánium Abutment 30,000 HUF
Zirconium Crown 60,000 HUF
Implant 150,000 HUF
Healing Screw 0 HUF
Titánium Abutment 50,000 HUF

Factors influencing dental implant price

The total cost of an implant is not equal to the price of the implant itself, and so sometimes it is not easy to determine for the person interested! I did the following test: I selected an implant type and asked three dentists the same question regarding the price of dental implants. As I expected, they said different prices everywhere, which didn’t surprise me. It is because several factors influence the dental implant price.

Does the price of the implant include the cost of the implantation? One price-increasing factor is whether or not the price consists of the merits of other elements needed to do the implantation. One example is the healing screw or the so-called abutment in the case of a two-phase implant. Two procedures are necessary to include a two-phase implant, one at implantation and the other at finalization.

The price of dental implantation is also influenced by the reputation and recognition of the given dental office. A metropolitan institution employing excellent oral surgeons and implantologists, providing other high-quality services and a good guarantee, is likely to provide the same implant at a higher cost than a rural dentist, which also offers excellent services in all respects.

The quality of the warranty can also affect by the price. A significant proportion of patients prefer a slightly higher price, a more extended guarantee for greater safety, or other extra services such as dental treatment under general anesthesia. A longer-term, broader warranty can increase the cost of the same implant.

Let’s mention one more important circumstance that increases the price of dental implantation, namely whether it is a dental implant package price or individual pricing. Although there are few, dentists do not specify the price of the implants but price the implantation itself, creating a so-called package price. For example, if a complete oral rehabilitation costs 1,375,000 HUF for the upper jaw, it means that the price includes everything!

Example of a package price
Example of a dental implant package price in case complete oral restoration for the upper or the lower jaw. Includes the removal of existing but untreatable teeth, the needed number of implants (16-18), implantation, and long-term, temporary denture fixed on the implants. Dentures are not removable by the patient. Price: 6,589.00 EUR. (The price of the permanent denture is NOT included!)

As we have seen, the price of dental implantation may depend on many factors. This writing briefly summarizes what implants are available and what conditions can affect implant prices. We talked about the so-called dental implant package price and its content. Before deciding which dentistry to make your teeth with, be sure to find out about the specific costs. At the same time, one should not focus solely on price. Other circumstances you should consider, such as patients’ opinions about the particular dental office and the quality of their dental work.

(The prices indicated in the article refer to the date of writing. To see the current pricing go to this page.)

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