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Dental implantation quickly with immediate loading implants

Dental implantation quickly with immediate loading implants

Dental implantation quickly with one-phase implants

Dental implantation quickly is a well-thought-out, professionally organized method based on Swiss implants and implantation technology. A complete oral rehabilitation (tooth extraction + implantation + long-term temporary dentures) is done in a week. Implant-based dentures take place in a single phase. That solution is up-and-coming for patients as the procedure is simple, fast, safe, and effective. This means that the long-term temporary denture is attached to the implants. Such dentures restore your original biting and chewing functions and aesthetic appearance.

A dental implant replacement method is a vast improvement in quality of life! All of these possibilities are because one-phase implants are loadable immediately after implantation. The success rate of immediate loading implants is close to 100%.

Modern one-phase implant and implantation technology is a set of tools, implants, and methods that allow you to accelerate quality dentures. Perhaps one of the most important positive features of an immediate loading implant is speed, thereby making it possible for dental implantation quickly! These implants meet the growing need to complete dentures or even complete oral rehabilitation in a short time.

Before we go any further, it should clarify that the tooth-implantation word used by common language means dental implantation. That is not a very professional term, but we also use it occasionally since it is common among patients. We also need to clarify what we mean by the term dental implantation. Specifically, oral rehabilitation is possible in as little as 5-7 working days. In this respect, a lot depends on the teeth, gums, and periodontal condition.

The answer to immediate dentures is the immediate loading implant and the implantation method that uses this type of implant. This implant consisting of a single piece and implantable in a single phase is a tiny, screw-like artificial root that differs in shape and size from conventional, two-phase implants. Perhaps the most significant advantage of an immediate loading implant is that it is loadable immediately after implantation, i.e., the long-term temporary denture can be attached to it directly. The immediate loadable feature is possible because, on the one hand, the implant is of a variety appropriate to the quality of the bone in question; on the other hand, it penetrates deeper into the bone.

What are the benefits of dental implantation quickly?
(a) The denture is fixed on the required number of implants, which means that the patient cannot remove it, so it is as if your teeth!
(b) This implant-based denture is a perfect alternative to removable dentures because it provides maximum stability and never moves during chewing and biting.
(c) It is ready quickly; a complete oral rehabilitation (lower and upper dentures) is prepared in 7-8 days under optimal circumstances.
(d) When using immediate loading Implants, bone replacement is not always necessary in the case of significant bone deficiency.
(e) The implant is entirely painlessly inserted into the tooth bone under general anesthesia.

We can say that dental implantation is possible quickly; however, severe conditions must be met for this to happen. Some of them are:
one-phase, immediate loading implant-based dentures are the most modern and best solution available today to replace missing teeth.
IHDE-type Swiss implants made of high-purity platinum alloy with 99% reliability!
Our implantologists have almost twenty years of experience and are internationally recognized implantologists certified by countless foreign patients.
Our dental clinic specializes in implant-based dentures and uses the most modern dental tools. It is equipped with the latest digital panoramic X-ray and a sterilization machine, essential for quality work.

Our implantologists are trained and knowledgeable in the latest dental implant-based denture techniques. We are proud to offer high-quality dental care at a reliable and affordable price, so dental implantation quickly is the best teeth replacement solution.

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