Denture with implants - Frequently asked questions

Denture with implants – Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions and answers about a denture with implants

Let’s start with a statement that may surprise many, according to which our teeth are one of our most important organs since it is a proven fact that healthy teeth are an essential condition for general health. Unfortunately, the experience is that even despite the warnings, we do not pay enough attention to dental care, so we reach the final phase, tooth loss, too quickly. There is only one “remedy” for this, tooth replacement, for which various methods are known. Dental implantation, a denture with implants, is the most effective and similar to natural teeth. Tooth replacement with implants is the best and most effective method to replace missing teeth today! This article deals with the questions that often arise in connection with dental implants and implant placement. Let’s start by getting to know some basic concepts.

What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is a high-purity screw made of titanium alloy. It is implanted in the tooth bone in the case of a two-phase implant, in the case of a one-phase implant, and in the jawbone to replace the natural tooth root. There are two dental implant families and implantation methods. One is a two-phase, and the other is a one-phase implant, also known as an immediate loading implant. We deal with the differences between the two implants in many of our previous articles, which you may find on our BLOG page.

It is essential to clarify that in this article, we are talking about a one-phase implant that is loadable immediately after implantation if we do not mention that it is a two-phase implant.

Why is denture with implants the most recommended tooth replacement solution?
The question rarely arises in this form since it is well known that implant-based tooth replacement is the best solution, the most similar to natural teeth. You should, first of all, ask your conservative dentist whether this is the most suitable for you. That is the case even if he – most likely – does not deal with dental implantation. We can get the information necessary for a decision from our dentist and people living in our immediate environment if they give their opinion based on their own experience. Last but certainly not least, we can find much helpful information on the Internet.

How can I find the best dental implant specialist?
If we have decided that we want dental replacement based on implant implantation, the question arises, how do we find the most suitable implantologist? We need to find an oral surgeon who is a master of his profession in terms of both knowledge and practical experience. First, the answer to this question must also get from our dentist. They can recommend someone we can turn to or know someone who does. The other obvious solution is the Internet, where with the right keywords, you can find many dentists who deal with dental implant replacement.

The choice is not an easy task; in fact, it is perhaps the most difficult. First and foremost, it is about our health, and secondly, the fact that we are talking about an expensive dental treatment is also a non-negligible aspect. It is essential to be careful when choosing an implantologist. As in all important matters, we must be consistent and persistent when choosing among dentists and oral surgeons offering such treatment, in the case of a denture with implants. Let’s review the website and Facebook page of the given institution and read the opinions. If possible, talk to someone who has been treated by the implantologist you want to choose.

How long does it take a denture with implant treatment?
The duration of implantation depends primarily on how many implants are implanted. Implantation of one or several implants takes one to two hours, depending on the current circumstances. Oral rehabilitation, which means 10-12 implants in the case of the upper jawbone and 8-10 implants in the case of the lower jawbone, takes significantly longer. A full mouth rehabilitation, when implants are placed in both the upper and lower jaw, means a 4-5-hour intervention. After the implantation, a long-term temporary denture is included and takes a few days to make.

What does oral rehabilitation mean?
As mentioned above, oral rehabilitation becomes necessary when no single tooth in the oral cavity is suitable for dental care. Hence, a complete lower or upper denture replacement is essential. The dentist inserts implants in the upper and lower jawbone during full oral rehabilitation. Based on more than ten years of experience, our institution has developed an oral rehabilitation protocol, which is strictly adhered to during the intervention.


How is denture with one-phase implants performed in the case of oral rehabilitation?
First time
– Personal consultation.
– Panoramic X-ray.
– Detailed oral examination.
– General anesthesia.
– Removal of teeth unsuitable for dental treatment. (If necessary)
– Preparation of the required number of one-phase implants for implantation.
– Implantation of the required number of one-phase implants.
– Sampling for long-term temporary dentures.
– Preparation of the long-term, temporary denture.
– The necessary control tests.

Second occasion
– Personal consultation.
– Panoramic X-ray.
– Examination of the oral cavity, with particular regard to implants.
– Sampling for the final denture.
– Preparation of the permanent porcelain denture.
– Control tests.

In writing, we have summarized the most important questions about dental implant treatment and the answers that can be given to them. We explained why dental implants are the best solution for a denture with implants and how to find a suitable institution and implant specialist. We also briefly explained how the implant placement is done in general, as well as how exactly the oral rehabilitation treatment is done, which also includes long-term temporary dentures.

In our 
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