Dentures Fixed on Implants Have Huge Benefits - Get Yours in Just 3 Days

Dentures Fixed on Implants Have Huge Benefits – Get Yours in Just 3 Days

Learn more about the benefits of dentures fixed on implants

There are a number of different options for treating and restoring missing teeth. While traditional dentures have been the most popular option for many years, modern dentistry blend with new technology has made replacing teeth even more effective and successful with dental implants. Whether you have a set of several teeth or all of your teeth missing, the befits of dentures fixed on implants are an excellent treatment option you can choose to restore your teeth as well as the function of your mouth.

How dentures and dental implants work together?
Dentures are made to fit over the ridge of the jaw bone covered with soft tissue called gums. When a tooth is lost the bone around the missing tooth or teeth undergoes constant deterioration over time. This is due to the lack of stimulation on the jaw bone that is usually provided by the teeth’ roots. This leaves only a narrow ridge for the dentures to hold onto. This means the traditional dentures can loosen over time and get uncomfortable. Among others, this is the reason why traditional dentures are never stable enough and gets loosen quickly. One of the consequences of this is gingivitis caused by rubbing the gums.

Compare it to the dentures fixed on implants that provide you with much better advantages in this case. The implant is a high purity alloy screw, which is designed to be inserted into the jawbone to behave as an original tooth root. Over time, the surrounding bone tissue around the implant will heal, allow the implant to become a permanent part of the jaw bone. The dentures will firmly rest on the implant, providing a greater level of stability and functionality.

Although this is not the main topic right now, it should be mentioned that two implants and implantation methods have become widespread in recent decades. One is the so-called traditional two-phase implant, the other is the one-phase so-called immediate loading implant. Although each is an artificial tooth root, there is a significant difference between the two implants and the implantation methods. You can read more about this here.

Dentures fixed on implants as a tooth replacement system provide many advantages over regular dentures.

Simple and stable
One of the most common problems patients have with traditional dentures is trying to keep them in place, especially in the upper jaw. By combining dentures with implants, you get a much more effective alternative to adhesives. By firmly holding the dentures, the dental implants secure your dentures allowing you to properly eat, chew, talk, and smile confidently without worrying about your dentures slipping out of your mouth…

Improved functionality and aesthetics
As discussed earlier, tooth loss can cause bone loss if not replaced quickly and properly. When the bone starts to deteriorate, your oral functionality and facial appearance will be affected. Additionally, the neighboring teeth become vulnerable to cavities and gum disease. With traditional dentures, it can be hard to avoid these issues, but dental implants can help by preserving the structural integrity of your jaw.

Permanent solution
Since the implants become a part of the jawbone over time, dentures fixed on implants serve as a permanent solution for missing teeth. The traditional tooth replacement methods, including bridges and prostheses, will need to be fixed and/or replace in a few years. An implant-based denture is for life.

Allow experts to help you improve the functionality of your teeth
If you’re considering getting dentures fixed on implants to restore your lost teeth, it’s advisable that you find experienced dental professionals specializing in dental implants. At iliDent Patient Coordinator Center, we help patients find the most experienced dental surgeons to achieve their dental needs. The dental surgeons we recommend are professionals, who underwent training, have the knowledge and the experience in carrying out dental implant procedures, and have produced a high success rate over the years of their service.

From the above, we learned about the differences between conventional and implant-based dentures. We also mentioned that tooth loss is not just an aesthetic problem, as partial or complete loss of tooth functionality is a serious health risk. Contact us today to book your appointment with the best implantologist dental surgeon who makes you perfect dentures fixed on implants.


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