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Dentures Fixed on One-phase Implants - Why You Should Choose it?

Dentures Fixed on One-phase Implants – Why You Should Choose it?

Dentures on one-phase implants have definite advantages over traditional implants

Due to its advantages over conventional dentures, dental implants, despite their relatively high prices, are becoming more prevalent worldwide. Nowadays, two main types of implants are widely used: one is the so-called traditional two-phase implant, which has been used by implantologist dentists for many decades. Another method of a dental implant-based prosthesis, which represents the latest implant technology currently available the dentures fixed on one-phase implants.

Dentures fixed on one-phase implants are revolutionary in terms of technique. The treatment significantly eases the implementation workflows, where the implants can be inserted immediately after the extraction of the untreatable teeth. It is important to know that this does not mean that the implants are implanted exactly in place of the removed natural teeth! The exact location and number of implants to be implanted in the jaw bone will be predetermined by the implantologist on the basis of an X-ray taken after removal of the diseased teeth.

For a patient, there is an immense sense of relief because the one-phase implant technique shortens the treatment procedure.  Instead of a long-term (4-6 months) two-phase treatment, in case of dentures fixed on one-phase implants, it takes only one treatment and the whole process is done in just 5 days! On top of it, it is minimizing the cost spent on travel and accommodation too.

Dentures fixed on one-phase implants technique combines one-time, immediate implantation procedure and immediate loading, with another word the implants can be loaded immediately! Consequently, it clearly addresses the growing demand for faster treatment with faster and more successful healing. It has good predictability with clinical practices and also minimizes the need for complex bone grafting and/or sinus lift surgical intervention.

One-phase implants are broadly recommended for esthetic restorations, which are usually done in a single day. It’s a simplified surgical workflow and yields the same promising outcome but in rapid turnaround time. (iliDent don’t offer this kind of treatment!) Many patients have reported positive experiences with life-changing benefits. One- phase implant is a clinically accredited and well-researched implant technique that addresses the concern with fulfilling expectations.

Get a long term, temporary denture on the 4th day! Yes, you heard that right, on the 4th day, you can have your beautiful looking temporary denture. With a one-phase implant denture, a patient will get a fully functional temporary denture. The cost of a temporary denture is already included in the treatment package price. they are needed for recovery of gum and some ossification after implementation.

Imagine showing up in our surgery on a Monday with a few untreatable teeth in your mouth. For the last time in your soul, you remember the great suffering caused by your bad teeth. Then, after 4 days you leave with a beautiful, fully functional, long term temporary denture. This is what a single-phase implant restoration means to you.

If you think that a one-phase implant replacement may be a good solution for you, please contact us for more information and a personalized quote. If you have some concerns or queries related to one-phase implant denture, one of our specialists at Immediate Loading Implants will be happy to assist you in the best possible manner.

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