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There are many differences in favor of Immediate Loading Implants. This is a single-piece implant and because of that much easier to insert; it is cheaper, a lot faster, one-off and simpler surgical procedure, perfect to those who suffer a significant bone deficiency, to mention only the most important benefits.

X-Ray, dental Health Check, Consultation, Diagnosis, Treatment Plan. Multi-step Pain reliefs, Implants, Insertion of implants, dental Impression Taking, Frame tests, and Bite settings. Controls and finally Fixed, Long Term Temporary Dentures are also included in the price.

Yes, it is possible. Using the aforementioned one-phase, immediate loading implants 99% of the patients may have a new denture or dentures in 3-5 working days. This method not only has the advantage of quickness but it can be applied even in the case of significant bone deficiency, which is not possible of conventional two-phase implantation.
Another advantage of this method is that in most cases it is not necessary to cut the gums, only at the points where the implant is placed. This minimally invasive surgery method causes only minimal bleeding during implantation.

First, ask your dentist which kind of implantation is suitable for you, more precisely what kind of implantation can be used in your case. There are two common implantation methods: one-phase, Immediate Loading Implants and conventional two-phase implantation.
Another advantage of this method is that in most cases it is not necessary to cut the gums, only at the points where the implant is placed. This minimally invasive surgery method causes only minimal bleeding during implantation.

Most general dentists are able to fully handle the common dental problem that occurs, but they may not be able to do the implantation since it requires special knowledge. Therefore, it should be specifically asked whether to do this kind of implantation and you also should ask, how much experience she or he has in this field.

It is most obvious that you turn to your own dentist and ask her or him for further information. If your doctor does not know about the one-phase Implantation System, study our website or other websites with similar topics. Care must be taken not to confuse the one-phase, immediately loadable implant method with traditional two-phase implantation!

There are two main methods in implantology today. One is the traditional two-phase implant and the other is the one-phase immediate implant loading, in other words, immediate loading implants. The essence of this new method is that the denture is completed very quickly, most cases in just 5 days, and can be used in cases of bone deficiency.

It means that after the removal of teeth that are unsuitable for prosthetic care, the single-piece implants can be implanted immediately into the jawbone and these implants can be loaded immediately.

This may be necessary in the following cases:

– Dental restoration should be completed quickly (within one week).
– There is not enough bone of adequate quality
– It is important that the implant can be implanted with a simple operation.

The dental implant is practically an artificial tooth root that is implanted into the jaw bone, surgically. The function of the implant is the same as that of the tooth root, that is, to provide adequate support and stability for the tooth. So the implant has to endure the same loading as the original tooth root can.

There are two types of prices: package price and average implant price. In the case of the package price, not every material and work phase used is priced, but on the basis of the average total cost. there is a package price. In the case of the average implant price, an indicative price is given, the exact cost of entry will be revealed during the personal consultation. You can find our current prices here.

When it comes to so-called healing time, it is important to distinguish between one-phase and conventional two-phase implants. Immediately loadable single-phase implants have a healing time of just a few weeks! The healing time of two-phase implants is about 3 months.

Almost! The implant lasts as long as the quality of the bone in which it is received is of sufficient quality and provides a stable fixation for the implant. This means that the implants last a lifetime.

What do you think? Using the traditional method to make a bridge, two or more teeth that holding the bridge must be ground off, practically sacrificing for the bridge. This is not necessary in the case of the bridge make with implants!

The short answer is yes! One-phase, Immediate Loading Implants are implanted in one day. This is what happens the first time of implantation procedure: Removal of teeth that are unsuitable for prosthetic care, implantation of the needed number of implants, taking Impressions for dentures. It usually takes one or two hours the most.

Nothing! This is a completely free service for you. You only have to pay the price of the dental treatment used.


Fogpótlás Egyfázisú Implantátumokkal

Includes removal of existing, but untreatable teeth, needed number of implants (16-20) implantation and fixed, long-term, temporary dentures for upper and lower jaws. Dentures are fixed, not removable by the patient.
(The price of the final denture is NOT included!)
Original price: 11,500.00 EUR
Discounted Price: 10,990.00 EUR

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