Full Bridges in 5 Days with One-Phase Implantation Process

Full Bridges in 5 Days with One-Phase Implantation Process

With one-phase implants, it is possible fixed full bridges in 5 days

The dental implants, especially the one phase immediate loading implants are seen as the best restorative approach to permanently replacing missing teeth. But do you know that there are two main techniques for placing implants i.e., and two-phase implant? In recent years, the one-phase implantation has been widely accepted for full bridges in 5 days, which eliminates the need for further surgical intervention and minimizes the timeframe from six months to a few days.

The two-phased traditional dental implant has been the standard surgical technique for many decades. However, the two-phased is not everyone’s ideal choice because of the high cost and long healing timeframe (6 months at least) involved with the procedure. With this kind of implant, it is impossible to make full bridges in 5 days

The conventional dental implant requires 4 to 6 months ossification and healing period. The one-phase implant procedure, on the other hand, implants are placed in a single visit and a long-term temporary bridge will be glued on the top of the implants on the 4th or 5th day of the process. The one-phase procedure has also eliminated the need for additional surgical interventions and provided patients with an immediate solution for missing teeth.

Furthermore, the one-phase implantation process is suitable for full mouth restoration. You’ll get fixed full bridges in 5 days for both upper and lower jaws. Since only one surgical intervention is required, it shortens the treatment time, and the bridge making stage can begin at the same time. Compared to the two-phased implantology, the cost of a full-bridge is lower so it is more pocket-friendly.

Here’s the comparison of complete dentures on implants costs with prices in foreign countries –

Clearly, one phase is the most innovative and pioneering restorative technology available for a full-mouth restoration. Through the one-phase implantation process, a patient can enjoy the sensation of having a new set of teeth without waiting for months.

At iliDent in Budapest, you don’t need to wait for 2 to 6 months for a stable fixed full bridge. It can be done in just 5 days or less. Our center utilizes the newest and most advanced dental implant technology (like 3-D CT scans and virtual planning software). We are internationally recognized as a one-phase implant specialist, who guarantees the best value of fixed full bridges in 5 days.

The high-quality Swiss implant is a notable USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for our quality-oriented work, which has a lower potential risk and pioneer for the most complex implant treatments. Today, expert professionals at Immediate Loading Implants offer a trusted, reliable experience combined with top-notch implant technology.

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