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Full Dentures on One-phase Implants - May it be a Solution for Me?

Full Dentures on One-phase Implants – May it Be a Solution for Me?

I want to know if I am suitable for full dentures on one-phase Implants

Tooth loss greatly affects an individual’s two important abilities: one is proper speech and the other is eating. This is especially true fin case of complete tooth loss. Since both activities are extremely important to humans, it is vital that our teeth be in perfect shape. The condition of the teeth affects well-being, especially in elderly people. We usually look for a solution to replace our teeth, which, in addition to improving the quality of life, is also a long-term solution for us. For example, full dentures on one-phase implants are especially recommended for the elderly. The focus is on one-phase implants not on the elderly!

There are several solutions to replace missing teeth, but especially for full dentures, the most perfect solution is clearly the complete dentures on immediate loading implants. We can be sure that a full denture fixed on one-phase implants will mean a huge positive impact on the quality of our life. There is a big difference between a traditional, unstable, never-really-stable removable prosthesis and complete dentures attached to implants. The latter is a perfect solution in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. It’s really like we got our own teeth back …

Some of the specific advantages of full dentures on one-phase implants over traditional dentures
Complete dentures on implants are the best alternative known today to traditional removable dentures. This is true for both the stability of the denture and its functional role. This type of denture provides perfect biting and chewing force for its user. It is worth mentioning the cleaner hiss-free speech and, of course, the pleasant impression of beautiful teeth, which benefits the user’s overall quality of life. Elderly people regain their long-lost smile, which in itself contributes to a greater sense of security for them.

It is also important to say that the denture fixed to immediate loading implants is quite different from the denture fixed to traditional two-phase implants. One of the biggest advantages of one-phase implants is that they can also be used for those who suffer from a significant bone deficiency. Dentures made with this kind of implants are stable, not moving so they don’t rub against sensitive gums. Although full dentures on one-phase implants are significantly more expensive than removable, glue-in dentures, this only needs to be done once because this solution is for life. Therefore, in a sense, it is a more cost-effective solution.

A brief description of the procedure
It begins with careful diagnosis and case studies when the implantologist thoroughly examines the condition of the teeth within the mouth. A panoramic X-ray taken on-site will be of great help in this. After the diagnosis has been made, the oral surgeon explains the patient in plain English about the condition of the teeth and what solution or solutions are available in his case and also makes a price quote.

The number of implants required for stable denture fixation is determined by the individual’s oral condition. Sometimes fewer implants are enough to ensure the stability of the prosthesis, while in case of weaker and fewer bones may need more implants to be implanted to achieve the same stability. After implantation, for sampling, preparation of long-term temporary dentures, rehearsals, then within 3-5 days the finished denture will be handed over.

As we have seen, this type of denture is one of the best solutions not only for the middle-aged but also for the elderly. Mainly because bone deficiency is more common in this age group, and as we learned from the above, one-phase implants can be used in this case as well. Still not sure if full dentures on one-phase implants are the right solution for you? If so, just contact us, our expert can give a satisfactory answer to all of your questions. Contact us or visit our website for more information. You can also let us know your opinion in the Leave a Comment section below.


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