Immediate loading implant-based denture - What does it mean?

Immediate loading implant-based denture – What does it mean?

Immediate loading implant-based denture will change your life for sure

Immediate loading implant is one of the trendiest topics on the internet, especially for those seeking a promising solution for restoring their oral condition. Among all the tooth replacement options, one-phase immediate loading dental implants are one choice that stands out for all of them and improves the quality of life that no other tooth replacement can.

There are two options for replacing missing teeth. One of the traditional methods is to glue the denture to the gum with special glue. This method has several weaknesses, of which inadequate stability is the most annoying. The other weak point of an adhesive prosthesis is the bad biting and chewing force because the gum on which the prosthesis is attached withstands some pressure. The biting force is further reduced if the unstable denture injures the gums.

Another option to replace missing teeth is a dental implant. There are two types of this: one is the older two-phase implant, and the other is the newer, one-phase implant; in other words, an immediate loading implant that is loadable immediately after implantation. Although both solutions serve the same purpose – to replace missing teeth – there are significant differences between the two implant families. The implant, implantation method, and usability considerations are also different for the two implants.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of an immediate loading implant.

A one-phase implant-based oral rehabilitation is ready in a few days
In the case of oral rehabilitation, one-phase implant placement takes a few hours and is done under general anesthesia. The long-term temporary dentures are attached to the implants, meaning you are toothless only for a few days. The long-term temporary denture is usually ready in 5 working days.

Immediate loading implant is usable in the case of significant bone deficiency
The immediate loading implant can also be usable in cases of severe bone deficiency. It’s possible because it can be implanted not only in the tooth bone but also in the jaw bone, vertically and at a different angle. These two favorable properties make the implant widely used.

You can consume food without limitation
Damaged, decayed, or missing teeth minimize our ability to speak, chew and eat fervently and thus make our life miserable because we can’t enjoy vegetables, fruits, chewy and crunchy snacks, not to mention challenging meals. Since the immediate loading implant is anchored to your jawbone, they aim to restore oral functionality with new artificial teeth and restore your ability to enjoy varied diets.

You smile with confidence
Immediate loading implants and implantation are procedures that spruce up your personality and give you more than one reason to smile. We all know that a smile is an essential aspect of a person, and a charming smile is a genuine gesture. Hence, with the one-phase implant, you recover from the damaged teeth, smile with confidence, and put an end to your worry.

Immediate loading Implant-based denture is a long-term solution
Thus, a dental implant is also a promising long-term solution completed quickly. Implants attached to the jawbone are a safe point for the dentures attached to them. After implantation, the implant behaves and is like a natural tooth root. A one-phase implant-based denture requires the same care as a natural denture. Your dentist will draw your attention to any discrepancies.

We have mentioned a few critical areas where the immediate loading implant-based denture will change your life forever. It is also indisputable that these are all positive, life-quality, self-improving, essential changes. If you are interested in this topic and would like more detailed information, we are happy to help you!

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