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iliDent Implantation and Oral Surgery Center is located in the heart of Budapest, in the 5th district. Since 2010, our oral surgery has specialized almost exclusively in complete dentures fixed on one-phase, immediate loading implants. We were among the first in Hungary who started making complete dentures with one-phase implants. Since then, we have gained specialized knowledge and extremely extensive experience in the field of dentures in this way.

The value for money of the treatments we offer is excellent, especially since we only use original Swiss implants and implantation technology. We pride with a 100% double guarantee for our work. (Quality and Price guarantee) Please see and compare our prices with the prices of other oral surgeries offering the same prosthesis solution.

We intend to provide all the necessary and possible information that might help you decide whether or not to use any of our services. A detailed description of the treatments we recommend can be found on the SERVICES page.

We are committed to finding the best possible solution for our patients. If you are interested and would like to know more about one of our treatments, please contact us or request a free quote. If you have any further questions about our services, please contact us, we usually respond within 24 hours.

WHY iliDent


The method we use is today’s latest implant-based dentures, which also can be the solution for those who suffer from significant bones deficiency. We are using exclusively genuine, reliable implants and implantation tools thatmade by the inventor and manufacturer in Switzerland.We ask you to compare our prices with other dentistry in our area, who using the same method that we are. You will find out that our prices are certainly favorable for you.


It is a huge advantage that we have our own dental laboratory that is in the same building as the dental office. The dental technician is always present in the dentures setting up, so he can see exactly how and what to do to make the finished denture perfect. On the other hand, due to the proximity of the dental laboratory, the procedure becomes more precise and much quicker.


Since we only work with original Swiss implants and implantation technology, a complete fixed denture can be done in 5 working days or less! During implantation there is no need to open the gum, there is no rough oral surgery, so implantation is completely painless and the recovery takes only days. It is also important to mention that there is not, 3-6 months heling and ossification process compared to conventional two-phase implantation.


In addition to that, all consultations and check-ups are free, so our patients may feel completely safe since we provide with double guarantee! The guarantee applies to the work done, to the built-in implants, as well as the prices. The latter means, if you find someone who gives you a lower price for that job in our area, it will be done at that price. For details of the guarantees, see the guarantee page.


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Dr. Nora Fazekas
Dentist, Oral surgeon Hungarian by birth with a German nationality. Beginning studies at Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary. Study and continuing education in oral surgery at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen/Germany. Final examination in oral surgery in 2005 in Frankfurt, Germany.
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