One-phase immediate loading implant - Do you know it?

One-phase immediate loading implant – Do you know it?

Things you need to know about one-phase immediate loading implant

Dental implants have changed the world of restorative dentistry and laid the foundation for numerous promising dentistry to solve the problem of tooth loss. Today, a patient doesn’t compromise with the conventional approach. Instead, they enjoy the most significant advancement, such as – complete dentures fixed on immediate loading implants, where full mouth restoration (both upper and lower jaws) is ready in just one week. However, you must ask important questions about the one-phase immediate loading implant to make the most of these options. This article covers five such topics.

Tooth loss is a common problem, and dental implants are the best option for a natural-looking and well-performance result. Like many great discoveries, dental implants have certainly come a long way and are globally accredited as the golden standard of restorative dentistry. We utilize original Swiss IHDE one-phase implants, recognized as one of the best healing implants with unique properties of fusing directly to the bone and being very strong.

One-phase implants are insertable not only into the tooth bone but even into the jawbone with a surgical process. These implants provide stable support for a complete denture. For those who have struggled with the loose denture while eating or speaking, the full denture on one-phase implants is the most secure and promising solution that can last a lifetime. No doubt that immediate loading implants could change your life.

Let’s see what you need to know about a one-phase immediate loading implant. The approach may seem strange at first, but believe me. There is a solid basis for these ideas.

What happens if you neglect your missing teeth?
Missing Tooth or teeth gap affects a person’s self-esteem and facial appearance and even may influence oral health. The gap disrupts the interplay between teeth and gum when we lose a tooth. As a result, the jaw bone shrinks, and your gums start pulling back. When this happens, it weakens neighboring teeth, and the restoration becomes even more challenging. Therefore, one must consider dental implants to invest in a hale and healthy lifestyle. One-phase immediate loading implant can prevent crooked teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, bone loss, and TMJ disorder. So, was this one a conceivable reason to think about?

One-phase immediate loading implant benefits your oral and general health
Dental implants are the closest dental treatment to natural teeth. Since implant-based denture is to look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth, they have been an excellent replacement for multiple reasons:
Dental implants are permanent and unnoticeable.
– It provides perfect comfort and functionality.
– Do not require special maintenance.
– They preserve bone density.
– Implants reduce the risk of tooth and gum disease.
– Improves your ability to chew
– It improves facial and bone structure.

What are the significant benefits of a one-phase immediate loading implant?
– A one-phase immediate loading implant is implantable in a single phase. The two-phase implantation takes two stages. Consequently, the implantation of an implant is a single intervention.

– The immediate loading implant is loadable immediately. That means, among other things, that the long-term temporary denture made after implant placement attachable to the implants. That is not the case with two-phase.

– A one-phase implant consists of a single piece. Two-phase is not. It makes implantation easier, and the time spent on implantation is shorter.

– The immediate loading implant is implantable not only in the tooth bone but also in the jaw bone. This type of implant is also implantable in case of bone deficiency.

– The one-phase immediate loading implant is implantable perpendicularly and at a different angle. It is essential in the case of bone deficiency because it enables the reach of the most suitable bone tissue. There is no such possibility with two-phase.

How long one-phase implant last?
One of the common concerns with any dental implant is how long it will last. That is also a “before getting dental implants” question. Dental implants are long-lasting and have a survival rate of over twenty years, and this is true for all kinds of implants, like one-phase or two-phase. Dentures fixed on immediate loading implants are better than other implant procedures and yield a high success ratio.

One of the reasons is that one-phase implants consist of a single piece and penetrate much deeper into the jawbone, like two-phase implants. The prosthesis survival rate is impressive and can easily stand up to demanding conditions like replacing an entire arch of teeth. Above and beyond, dentures on immediate loading implants are easily adjustable or substitutable at a later stage of life.

The main topic of our article was the one-phase immediate loading implant. At the beginning of our article, we discuss the importance of tooth replacement and the problems that long-term missing teeth can cause. Later we mentioned some of the many positive features of the one-phase implant. And finally, we wrote our opinion about the lifespan of the dental implant.

Our Articles section contains several writings on dentures, implants, and implantation methods. If you have an opinion about this article, let us know about it in the Comment section below. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.
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