Possible causes of gnashing of teeth, ways to eliminate them

Possible causes of gnashing of teeth, ways to eliminate them

What can we do to stop the harmful gnashing of teeth?

Gnashing of teeth is an unpleasant feature of many people’s lives. You may not even know about it, but if you wake up to dull pain and increased tooth sensitivity, you’ll probably grit your teeth in your sleep. Many people find out about teeth grinding when their partner complains about it or when they wake up and grind their teeth. Regular teeth grinding can cause increased tooth sensitivity. Once it turns out to be gritting your teeth one way or another, let’s see if there is any way you can prevent it or at least alleviate it.

Among the causes of gnashing of teeth are anxiety, stress, regular aldolization, and heavy smoking. Depression and some sleep problems can also cause the grit of teeth. It can also cause abnormal shortness of breath during sleep, accompanied by heavy snoring. Based on the research conducted in this field, we can state that the most common causes are stress and intense anxiety and anxiety.

Symptoms of gnashing of teeth may include

  • wakefulness headache
  • loose facial muscles
  • pain or discomfort in the jaw joint
  • stiff neck and shoulder muscles
  • sleep disturbance
  • pain in the ear

Gnashing of teeth can result in tooth enamel wear, tooth decay, and even breakage or tooth loss. More than 10% of adults suffer from this phenomenon, and women appear to grit their teeth significantly more often than men. Before treatment, it is vital to determine what can cause it because the doctor can only select the most appropriate treatment for a given patient if they know the exact reasons.

Your doctor may prescribe a muscle relaxant or Botox in more severe cases. If this is the case, it should reduce the consumption of alcohol and caffeinated beverages, and amphetamine-containing medicines. If it can determine that the cause is most likely stress, then the reason should be sought, and the effect of focus should be reduced by all possible means.

Your dentist can show you and teach you ways to reduce the gnashing of teeth that may even stop over time. Another solution is to put a unique prosthesis in your mouth during sleep, which protects your teeth from the harmful effects of teeth gnashing. This tool keeps the lower and upper dentures apart, preventing gnashing.

Gnashing teeth is uncomfortable for those who sleep with us and ourselves with the abovementioned risks. We recommend seeing a dentist, as it can eliminate this unpleasant phenomenon. If the teeth do not fit exactly, the dentist may decide to use a crown or change the grinding surface of the tooth or teeth.



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