Teeth neglect - Two reasons why people doing it

Teeth Neglect – Two Reasons Why People Doing It

The two most common causes of teeth neglect and the possible consequences

Many people wouldn’t think of the enormous importance of the condition of our teeth for their general health. Teeth neglect can cause many other diseases. For example, it is known that bad teeth can cause problems in another body that seems to have nothing to do with our teeth. Neglected oral hygiene can eventually lead to severe tooth loss, which in many ways is hazardous to health. The causes of teeth neglect may be different, of which we are going to mention the two most common.

Fear of dental treatment
We should mention the fear of dental treatment first among the causes of teeth neglect. It is a fact that many of us do not visit the dentist as frequently as we would need. Most do not go for regular dental check-ups. Others don’t see their dentist more than once a year, instead of the recommended every six months. Many people visit their dentist only when they have a toothache.

The perceived and “exaggerated” feeling of pain is one of the leading causes of teeth neglect. Some people think they shouldn’t be worried about a bit of discomfort, but what might keep them away from their supposed pain is fear of the dentist. Enough just one bad experience in the past or a horror story from others is enough to scare people away from dental treatments for years.

How do we overcome our fear of dental treatments? First of all, note that fear is the natural defense response of a person to any known or imagined discomfort, which can cause pain. Consequently, fear is not a shameful feeling! But we must be aware that failure to overcome our fears can lead to anxiety and procrastination. One of the most significant help in overcoming fear is our own positive experience. For example, we need to choose a dentist who can treat us painlessly. Most of them do!

Dental treatment is not the most pleasant “activity,” but certainly not something we should be afraid of about it. That is true even if getting a complete denture is the cause of teeth neglect. Dental treatment should be painless! In the vast majority of cases, it is. Generally speaking, the most painful part of dental treatment is an anesthetic injection! That can cause very short-term pain, especially if the mucous membrane of the mouth is inflamed.

We can determine that the fear of the dentist or dental treatment among the causes of teeth neglect is not a natural cause.

I would like to, but it costs too much
It is the second most common complaint among the causes of teeth neglect. First of all, we need to understand that price is a relative concept, which is expensive for me may not be for someone else. Whether or not the cost of something is high is most often judged by our current financial situation. Consequently, it is more appropriate to say, “this is too expensive for me,” because in this case, I make it clear that this is something I cannot afford.

Dental implants are a special titanium alloy whose price is comparable to that of gold when you consider the extra cost of processing. This fact itself significantly increases the cost of dentures fixed on one-phase implants. In addition, in the case of immediate loading implants, the prices of other dental materials are substantially higher than those of conventional removable dentures. For example, immediate loading implant-based denture contains costly materials and the latest dental prosthesis technology.

In this case, the complete dentures fixed on one-phase implants, a significant part of the price is the cost of the materials used. The denture has other expenses incurred during treatment, such as dental work, special tools, and so on. The fact that we use only high-quality, original Swiss implants also adds to the price in our case.

It is a fact that the price of a dental implant-based denture is relatively high, but the value for money is excellent! It is accepted in all walks of life that some products and services are priced higher than other products and services prices in the same category. For example, the Suzuki and the Lexus are Japanese cars used for passenger transport, but the latter is much more expensive.

From what we have said so far, it is evident that, for reasons of teeth neglect, the price of a complete denture fixed on one-phase implants is not a genuine reason for those who would otherwise be able to pay, who have the money for it. It is also clear that many people cannot spend 15,800.00 EUR on complete oral rehabilitation.

Whether it’s your teeth or dentures, a perfectly functioning denture is essential for quality life! That means we should pay more attention to it and make more sacrifices to have an impeccable “chewing organ.” On the financial side, there is also a solution. Just as you can borrow money for a trip, buy high-value electronic equipment, or renew your home. Borrowing money to have perfect dentures can be just as justified. By all means, avoid teeth neglect!


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