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Fixed Full Prosthesis In Budapest by Dental Implantation Expertise

Fixed Full Prosthesis In Budapest by Dental Implantation Expertise

The keys to the success of fixed full prosthesis: genuine premium materials and expertise

Fixed full prosthesis in Budapest has outgrown from a concept into the golden standard of restorative dentistry. The fixed full dentures in 5 days are performed in a single phase, which includes tooth extraction, implant placement, and custom-made permanent prosthesis. For fully edentulous patients, the procedure is undoubtedly rewarding and globally marked as a promising solution for restoring chewing function and aesthetics, which also results in significant improvement in the quality of life. The success rate of immediately loaded implants is somewhere between 95% to 100%.

The significance of modern implantology has laid the foundation to speed up the implantation and prosthetic treatment. One of the many positives of immediate loading implants is the possibility of a fixed prosthesis in 5 days. Besides, many patients ask their dentist or prosthodontist to replace teeth as soon as possible. Immediate Loading Implants is leading with fixed full-arch treatment and has successfully treated hundreds of patients. The fixed full prosthesis on four implants so-called all-on-four is a cost-effective, swift and safe procedure and far better alternative to a traditional removable denture.

How it is possible a fixed prosthesis in 5 days? The answer is the immediate loading implant and the implantation method using this type of implant. The single-piece, also known as a single-phase implant, is a tiny, screw-like artificial tooth root that differs in shape and size from traditional two-phase implants. Simply put, immediate loadability makes possible by using different shapes for a different kind of bone and on the other hand the fact that it penetrates deeper into the bone.

Some distinctive features of the fixed full prosthesis in Budapest are:
(a) They are FIXED on the needed number of implants, which means the denture is UNREMOVABLE by the patient, just like the original teeth!
(b) It is a perfect alternative to the removable denture and offers the utmost stability while chewing, biting, and speaking.
(c) It is done in a very short period of time; the complete denture is finished in 5 DAYS s or less
(d) The fixed full prosthesis in Budapest does not require bone replacement in case of significant bone deficiency.
(e) Implants are inserted by simple invasive surgery and are completely painless.

In summary, we can state, it is possible to have fixed full prosthesis in Budapest or less. However, for this to happen, serious conditions must be met. Some of these are:

Prosthetic replacement with single-phase, immediate loading implants is the most advanced method available today. We only use this technology.

Swiss implants type IHDE made of high purity platinum with advanced technology has a 99% reliability rate. We only use this kind of implants.

Our leading implantologist, Dr. Nóra Fazekas, internationally recognized implantologist with more than 10 years of experience, who is a regular speaker at the International Implant Foundation conferences.

Our implant center is a state-of-the-art two-chair oral surgery dental office with specialized tools for dental implantation, equipped with the latest digital panorama X-ray and sterilization machine that essential for quality work.

Our implantologist specialist trained to the highest standard and well-versed with the latest restorative technique. Thus, we pride ourselves on being reliable and affordable with high quality fixed full prosthesis in 5 days. If you wish, you can compare our prices by reading this article.

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