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One-phase Implants - Common Questions and Answer

One-phase Implants – Common Questions and Answers

Did you know that one-phase implants have huge advantages over two-phase ones?

When it comes to the health of our teeth, it must always mean increased attention and care. Teeth play a much more important role in the healthy functioning of the human body than many would think. On the one hand, neglected teeth mean insufficient chewing ability, which in turn can negatively affect digestion. On the other hand, inflamed gums and teeth can have a negative effect on other organs of the human body. Teeth that unsuitable for prosthetic care should be removed. The best solution known today for their replacement is dental implants, including one-phase implants. So, let’s talk about dental implants.

What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is a high-purity titanium alloy artificial tooth root that can perfectly replace a natural tooth root. We mention only one of the enormous advantages of dental implants: the metal tooth root cannot be inflamed or cause pain. And that’s just one of many benefits. Today, two different implants and implantation methods are prevalent. One is the conventional two-phase implants and the other is the immediate loading one-phase implants. This writing will be about one-phase implants, but if anyone interested can read more about two-phase implants here.

What does the word one-phase implants mean?
As its name implies, the term implies that implants are implanted in a single phase. Unlike two-phase implants, where this is done in two different phases and 3-6 months can elapse between each phase. In the case of immediate loading implants, the implants can be implanted right after the removal of the teeth that are not suitable for dental care! So, the implantation takes place in one phase, even for a full denture. The special feature of single-phase implants (it is loadable immediately after insertion) allows the implantation to take place in a one-phase, during one treatment.

What are the key benefits of a one-phase implant?
Perhaps the most important advantage is that once the one-phase implant can be loaded immediately, so the dentures can be completed extremely quickly! For example, complete oral rehabilitation, which means complete lower and upper denture, is completed in just 3-5 days. With a double guaranty!

2.) Another important advantage is that this type of implant and implantation method is also a solution for those who do not have adequate quality and quantity of dental bone. This is especially good news for the older age group.

3.) The one phase implant implantation is a very simple, so-called invasive surgical procedure. So, there is no need to incise the gingival and then suture it back as it happens with the two-phase implantation process. The one-phase implantation is done through the gum through a tiny hole drilled in the tooth bone. This means much less inconvenience to patients.

In addition, there are numerous other benefits to one-phase implants, which can be read in more detail here.

What is the implantation PROCESS for one-phase implants?
Removal of teeth that are unsuitable for prosthetic care, implantation of the needed number of Immediate Loading Implants, taking Impressions for dentures.
Fitting of the metal frames that are carrying the teeth on the denture(s). Possible Fitting and adjustment of the long-term, temporary denture(s)
Fitting and adjustment and possible delivery of the long-term, temporary denture(s).
Backup day in case there is a delay due to some unexpected events.
Backup day in case there is a delay due to some unexpected events.

How and who should I choose if I want one-phase implant dentures?
Your dentist may be very good and knowledgeable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she be able to one-phase implantation. This is because it requires special knowledge and skills. Therefore, for the purpose of one-phase implantation, always consult the appropriate oral surgeon who has the knowledge and practices to perform such implantation perfectly. Even you think you have the best implantologist to do the work, you still would need to do your own research before making a final decision.

In our writing, we talked about dental implants, about what the two most common dental implants and implantation methods are. We have dealt in detail with immediately loadable one-phase implants, mentioning its key features and advantages over two-phase implants. Hopefully, we have provided answers to the topic mentioned in the title of the article. If you are interested in this topic, you can find more articles related to the topic on these pages.

If you have any comments on this subject, please write in the Comment part. If you would like to know more about the subject, please Contact Us!
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