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Dentures with implants - Is it a good solution for me?

Dentures with implants – Is it a good solution for me?

Let’s find out whether or not dentures with implants are the solution for you.

The advent of dental implants has revolutionized dentures with dental implants. The so-called two-phase dental implants first appeared in the mid80s, and for a long time, this was the only implant replacement option for people who needed teeth replacement. Then, well over ten years ago, a new type of implant, called one-phase immediate loading implants, revolutionized teeth replacement. So, when we talk about dentures with implants, we need to know that two different implants and implantation methods are available today. Each has its characteristics, which is vital to know to make the right decision, whether which one is the most appropriate solution is right for us.

When we start talking about the differences, we immediately notice a significant distinction, the time it takes to make the dentures. While for two-phase implants, this can be up to 6 months, for one-phase implants, this time is 3-5 days! Because on day 5, you get a long-term temporary denture that, while temporary, looks and functions like the final denture. That’s a big enough difference. Especially when you consider that the result of both solutions is the same, a perfectly functioning denture, this speed is mainly since the one-phase implant can be loaded immediately! Nowadays, when people have less and less time for dentures with implants, this can be a decisive advantage in favor of immediate loading implants.

When dentures with implants are the topic, immediate loading implants have definite benefits that you cannot ignore. Some of these are:
– It can be ready in a short time,
– Simpler implant more straightforward implantation procedure, more minor inconvenience
– It is applicable in case of significant bone deficiency,
– It costs less than two-phase implantation.

Let’s also say a few words about the characteristics of two-phase implants. Here are a few of them:
– The denture is made in a pretty long time,
– It is more difficult to implant a multi-piece implant,
– In case of bone deficiency can only be used with bone replacement,
– more expensive and more inconvenient than the one-phase implants.

There are several conclusions to pay attention to. The first important finding may be that dentures with implants are an incomparably better solution compared to a traditional removable prosthesis. So, those who can afford it choose implant-based dentures since it has innumerable advantages over prostheses.

If someone has opted for dentures with implants, they still have to decide whether they want one-phase or two-phase implants. It is clear from the above that immediate loading implants are fundamentally more advantageous than traditional two-phase implants. There are several articles on implant dentures on our website, so you can probably find answers to your questions on the subject.

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