Benefits of dental implants - Why should you need that?

Benefits of dental implants – Why should you need that?

Dental Implants have significant benefits over the traditional prosthesis

Nowadays, there are several options to replace missing teeth. While traditional dentures have been the most common solution for many decades, the combination of modern dentistry and new technology offers new possibilities. Comparable results can be with dental implant-based dentures. Whether it is a single tooth or multiple, possibly complete, missing teeth, the benefits of dental implant replacement are indisputable. We would say that dental implants are the best solution known today. When implantation occurs with an implant, all the common problems with traditional adhesive prostheses are avoidable.

How do dentures and dental implants work together?
Traditional dentures are to fit the periodontal spine covered with soft tissue, the gums. When a
the tooth is lost, the quality of the bone around the missing tooth continues to deteriorate. That is due to the lack of stimulation of the jawbone, which is usually provided by the tooth roots. In the case of a traditional prosthesis, only one narrow surface is available to support and fix the denture. Among other things, this is why traditional dentures loosen relatively quickly and are rarely stable enough. One consequence is gingivitis caused by the constant rubbing of unstable dentures.

The benefits of dental implants over traditional dentures are enormous. A dental implant is a screw made of high-purity titanium alloy designed to behave like a natural tooth root when implanted in the jawbone. Over time, the bone tissue around the dental implants heals, which means that the implant becomes part of the jawbone. The dentures do not rely on the gums but on the implants, providing excellent stability and functionality for the dentures attached to them.

Although not currently the main topic, we should mention that two-implant families and implantation methods have become widespread in recent decades. One is the so-called conventional two-phase implant; the other is a one-phase implant, in other words, an immediate loading implant. Although each is an artificial root, there is a significant difference between the two implants and the implantation method.

Here are some of the benefits of dental implants.

Simple and safe
One of the most common problems with traditional dentures is that they are difficult to hold firmly, especially on the upper jaw. Combining dentures with implants provides a much more effective alternative to fixing dentures. The dental implant firmly secures the denture by keeping the denture firmly, providing good bite, chewing, speech, and a confident smile. All this without worry about the denture possibly slipping out of your mouth…

Incomparably better functionality, higher aesthetic value
As mentioned earlier, tooth loss can lead to bone loss if the missing teeth are not replaced as soon as possible. When bone condition begins to deteriorate, it will negatively affect the functions of the mouth and the appearance of the face. Another concern is that adjacent teeth also become vulnerable, developing gum disease and caries. In the case of traditional dentures, it is difficult to avoid these problems. At the same time, another benefit of dental implants is that they can help maintain the structural integrity of the jaw.

Final solution
As implants become part of the jawbone over time, a prosthesis with an implant permanently solves the problems caused by missing teeth. Bridges and prostheses made with the traditional denture method need to be fixed or replaced after a few years. The denture fixed on the implants is for life.

Allow competent professionals to solve your dental problem.
To the extent that the benefits of dental implant-based dentures have been convincing, and you choose this solution to replace your missing teeth, contact us with confidence. Patients treated by experienced implantologist specializing in one-phase dental implant implantation, with decades of domestic and foreign experience in implant implant-based dentures.

We have learned the differences between conventional dentures and implant-based dentures. We have mentioned some of the benefits of dental implants. There has also been talking that tooth loss is not just an aesthetic problem, as partial or complete loss of tooth functionality can pose a severe health risk. Do everything for your health; start by tidying up your teeth.

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