One-phase implant based denture - 5 reason why choose us

One-phase implant based denture – 5 reason why choose us

Reasons you should choose us if you want a one-phase implant-based denture

The apparent advantages of the one-phase implant-based denture cannot be disputed today. This type of denture provides the same biting and chewing power as healthy original teeth and is a lifelong aesthetic solution. Our specialty is oral rehabilitation with one-phase implants, which we almost always performed under general anesthesia. Oral rehabilitation is possible on the upper jawbone, the lower jawbone, or both. The implantation takes one day, and the long-term temporary dentures are also ready in 4-5 working days. The oral rehabilitation package price also includes the cost of anesthesia and long-term temporary dentures.

Before we get into why you should choose us if you want a one-phase implant-based denture, let’s say a few words about dental implants and implantation in general.

What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of high-purity titanium alloy that perfectly replaces a natural tooth root. The use of two well-known families of implants is widespread in Hungary. One is the traditional two-phase implant, which has been in use for many decades, and the other is the one-phase immediate loading implant, which has been known for more than 20 years. Within the two implant families, there are many types and significant differences between them. Nevertheless, they all serve one purpose: to replace the natural tooth root. The two-phase implant consists of several pieces; the implantation consists of several phases, while the one-phase implant consists of a single piece and is implanted in a single step.

Although one-phase implant-based dentures are arguably the perfect solution for missing teeth, they also have drawbacks. One, as already mentioned, is that it is pretty expensive. Since it is a tooth root made of high-purity titanium alloy, the treatment is significantly costlier. The other is that the implantation is done through a surgical procedure, and like all operations, this also involves some risk. The latter can perhaps not be called a disadvantage.

It is, therefore, clear that implant-based tooth replacement is a relatively expensive and complicated treatment. That’s why it doesn’t matter who we choose, who we honor with our trust. When selecting an implantologist, the most obvious thing to do is to ask immediate family members, relatives, or colleagues. Another option is the Internet. It is worth searching at least 8-10 dental websites and reading a few articles on the subject because the more we know, the more likely we are to choose the most suitable institution.

In this article, I would like to tell you why you should choose us if you need a one-phase implant-based denture. In the following, we briefly describe our arguments.

1. We are professionals in one-phase implant and implantation
Let’s start with the bottom line, professionalism. By this, we mean both theoretical knowledge and professional experience. Our implantologists have dealt with dental implant-based tooth replacements for over twenty years. One is an expert in one-phase dental implants, the other in two-phase implants. Both are internationally recognized implantologists, certified by countless domestic and foreign patients.

2. Using a high-quality implant and the tools necessary for implantation
We work exclusively with high-quality dental implants with a lifetime guarantee and the most modern technology. The disinfected instruments required for the intervention are kept in hermetically sealed containers and used immediately before the operation. Not only the devices and implants are sterilized, but all the instruments and objects in the surgery. Part of the procedure is to thoroughly clean and complete disinfection after each patient.

3. Guaranteed pain-free treatment, which we perform under general anesthesia
Painless dentistry is not a trite slogan. Two different pain relief options are available. One is local anesthesia, and the other is general analgesia. Even dental implantation is painless with proper and effective local anesthesia if it is about only one or several implants. We perform the one-phase implant base denture oral rehabilitation treatment exclusively under general anesthesia by external anesthesiologists. One of the reasons for this is that in the case of oral rehabilitation, the treatment affects such a large area for such a long time that adequate pain relief is impossible with local anesthesia. This method makes the treatment 100% pain- and discomfort-free for our patients. The cost of general anesthesia is included in the implant-based oral rehabilitation package price.

4. Excellent value for money
Even though oral rehabilitation with a one-phase implant is a pretty expensive treatment, the price-value ratio is excellent. For example, one of our treatments is ONE-PHASE IMPLANT-BASED ORAL REHABILITATION, for the lower jaw costs EUR 6,500.00. This package price is carefully calculated and free of any hidden costs. To mention only the most important ones, it includes the price of the implants, the price of implant placement, the price of general anesthesia, and the price of the long-term temporary denture. Please compare our package prices with the costs of other dentists who offer the same treatment and also work with package prices. You will find that our value for money is genuinely excellent.

5. Friendly, patient-oriented environment
High-quality professional work is essential to us, but the well-being of the patients who choose us comes next in order of importance. We know that most people are afraid, and some are afraid of dental treatment. That is why we consider it essential that our patients entering the institution are greeted by a soothing and pleasant environment.

Our basic principle is that our employees – from the receptionists to the assistants to the oral surgeons – behave politely and communicate with the patients who choose us for dental treatment. We believe that the pleasant environment and the friendly, helpful staff have a calming effect on the patient, who is excited about the treatment.

In such short writing, little can be said about one-phase implant-based denture, and why it is worth choosing us for those who need it. We consider it essential to emphasize that dental implant-based dentures are the most advanced and best solution. Furthermore, the package price we offer is much more affordable and transparent to the patient than individual pricing. Finally, it is also vital that those treated by us are satisfied with us in all respects.

In our Articles section, you can find more information about dentures, implants, and implantation methods. If you have an opinion about this article, let us know about it in the Comment section below. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.
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