One-phase implantation package price - How to save money

One-phase implantation package price – How to save money

The one-phase implantation package price is more cost-effective than pricing by piece

It is a perfect solution for dental implants, but it is costly. That is just half true. In this article, we put this apparent contradiction under scrutiny on whether or not the one-phase implantation package price is more favorable than the price calculated based on the cost-by-piece calculation. We do this by considering things many people don’t even think about or consider. Yet, dental implant costs can be affected by certain circumstances.

Some of the differences
The difference between the one-phase implantation package price and the price is determined based on the number of implants implanted for complete dentures and the three most common dentures. These include a removable-adhesive prosthesis, a two-phase implant, and a one-phase immediate loading implant. The latter two are fixed dentures, which means the patient is not removable.

Concerning the dental implant package price, in the present case, we are not primarily concerned with whether or not the price paid for the service is high. We examine whether it is worth bearing this amount for a denture or choosing the dental implant package price. On the one hand, what is expensive and not depends fundamentally on the person’s financial situation; on the other hand, some things cost a lot. Nonetheless, we are primarily talking to those who can afford such an expense.

Of the three types of dentures, the traditional removable prosthesis is the most common, primarily and above all, because of its relative cheapness. Of course, cheapness is understood concerning the prices of the dentures fixed on implants, as it is costly. However, for “cheapness” when using dentures, we pay a lot for wearing and functional problems.

One-phase, immediate loading implants may cost 10-15% less than a denture fixed on traditional two-phase implants. A one-phase implant can also cost less because it consists of a single piece, so you don’t have to pay separately for each implant accessory. Of course, we must also pay the wages associated with each element and phase individually, so in the end, a lot of little goes a lot.

A one-phase implant has numerous advantages over a two-phase. That is not primarily the lower price, although it is also essential. You can learn more about dentures made with one-phase implants over two-phase ones here.

Here are just two crucial benefits:
1. It is loadable immediately after implantation so that they may fix the long-term temporary denture on the implants.
2. It is usable in case of significant bone deficiency.

We mentioned earlier that this writing is mainly for those who would otherwise be able to afford this type of denture, i.e., the price of implant dentures is not the most critical factor in the decision. In our experience, in this case, the two most common reasons are unfounded fear of intervention and carelessness. The latter is widespread when the existing tooth is in poor condition but can still perform its function.

Let’s do a specific calculation about whether it’s worth choosing this package price. Let’s count on average prices and look at the cost based on implants implanted. Complete dentures fixed on implants are still the subject. The average implant price is 500 EUR; the complete denture requires 8-10 implants; let’s calculate nine implants here. 500 X 9 = 4500 EUR. That is only the price of implants! The aforementioned additional elements and the cost of implantation are not yet included, let alone the long-term, temporary denture, which is part of the package price, which is 6,589.00 EUR and includes everything!

Despite the high one-phase implantation package price, there is a solution for those responsible for their health and quality of life. When the quality of the teeth deteriorates to a certain level, it is not worth seeing the dentist for many years and paying the high treatment costs. Implant-based dentures it’s not cheap, but the implant package price can be a big help. For example, using immediate loading implants, a complete oral rehabilitation (lower and upper jaw) in action when writing this article costs only 13 940 EUR and is completed in 3-5 days.

(The prices indicated in the article refer to the date of writing. To see the current pricing go to this page.)

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