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Difference between one-phase and two-phase implants

One-phase Implants Two-phase Implants – 5 Most Important Differences

What are the major differences between immediate loading and traditional two-phase implants?

Are you looking for replacing your missing teeth permanently? If so, dental implants are the widely acknowledged solution for you. You have two common implant options. First, the one-phase implants, which is performed in one step and the other one is the two-phase implants, which happens in two steps. Which implantation method is more preferable depends on several factors, most importantly the condition of the jaw bone. Let’s see, what are the 5 most important differences between a single-phase, immediate loading implants and a two-phase conventional implant.


Nobody loves dental treatments, so it is very important that the treatment be gentle, pain-free and as short as possible. This is one of the most important expectations of patients, and one-phase implantation is perfectly in line with these expectations.

The surgery itself, that is, implanting implants, is a quite gentle and simple operation. It is not necessary to incision the gums and sutures them after implantation. In terms of surgery, one-phase means that there is only one operation (surgery)! Unlike conventional two-phase implants, where it involves two surgeries, which means more suffering and longer time for the implant to heal.


In one-phase implants or immediate loading implants, the surgery is done in just one single procedure, which shortens the treatment time a lot. The other important time factor is that one-phase implants can be loaded immediately! That means there is no need for healing, ossification time, as with two-phase implants, where it usually takes about 6 months.

For one-phase implants, complete oral rehabilitation, which means complete upper and lower dentures, takes only 5 days, which is extremely short. And this short period of time also includes preparation for implantation, such as removing teeth unsuitable for prosthetic care.

  • The procedure is briefly as follows:
  • First time – preparation and implantation
  • Second time – frame fitting
  • Third time – denture fitting
  • Fourth time – installation
  • Fifth time – check-up, final adjustments

Imagine visiting a dentist and leaving on the 5th day with a beautiful, perfectly functioning denture. This is what the Immediate Loading Implants team promises and therefore gives you a guarantee.


Immediate Loading Implants only use guaranteed original Swiss implants, purchased directly from the Swiss manufacturer. In addition to a high level of technical knowledge, this is one of the most important prerequisites for performing the highest quality work.

Among the first, it is important to mention the feature of one-phase implants that consist of only one piece. So, an implant is a piece of artificial dental root. This is a significant benefit of immediate loading implants in many ways.

Being a single piece, it is much easier to use and handle than multi-piece two-phase implants. Ease of use shortens and simplifies implantation and denture completion times too.

If an implant needs to be replaced for some reason, it is much easier the removing process at a one-piece implant than a multiple-piece implant.


This is not the most important benefit of one-phase implants, but it is worth mentioning that an immediate loading implant is significantly less expensive than a two-phase implant. In addition, it is more reliable and less likely to fail.

In two-phase implants, different parts of the implant are priced separately, which results in a higher-end result. The price is also increased by having to pay separately for each piece used during implantation.

Furthermore, the parts of an Implant not just priced separately, but the price is also increased by the fact that you also pay for the installation of each component, separately!


Last but definitely not least we mention one-phase implants’ perhaps most significant benefit that can affect and give help to many people, especially in the older age group. This is due to the fact that a one-phase, immediate loading implants can be used in case of significant bone deficiency.

The unfortunate coincidence is that we need implants when, due to our age, the quality of bone needed for a safe fixation is no longer the same as it was at a younger age. However, you do not need to be frustrated because a one-phase, immediately loadable implant is here to help.

One-phase implants are designed to be implanted in almost any location on the jawbone, even though when the density and the volume of the bone are not sufficient. X-rays clearly show that implants are in different directions and have significantly longer fastening screws to penetrate deeper and become more stable.

In this article, we outlined the 5 most important differences between one-phase and two-phase implants. Of course, there are other differences, but these are the ones that can help those who want to decide between the two implantation methods.

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